Three Key Elements to Success

Updated: Nov 9

By Alina Fridman -

We all want to attain success and in an ideal world, that success will manifest with the snap of our fingers. Reality check! Success doesn't happen overnight. Those success stories that you hear or read about didn't just happen. Success is the culmination of everything you do day in and day out that moves you closer to your goals. If you want to achieve success, there are three key elements that will set you on the right path; patience, persistence, and consistence.


We are living in a Now Culture and are conditioned to expect instant gratification. People tend to give up too easily because they are impatient. Patience takes a conscious effort to master. When you master patience, you are able to see things clearly because you are now living in the moment. There are things that you will see in a different light which will help you realize the process in achieving your goals.


Once you understand the process, be persistent about it. Persistence allows you to take action when you don't feel motivated and are ready to give up. Persistence helps you keep moving forward in spite of any challenges you may face. Obstacles are lessons that you must learn on your path to victory. When you practice being persistent, those obstacles become easier to overcome.


Success is not achieved by patience or persistence alone. Consistency plays a major factor as well. When you create a routine, the routine becomes a habit that you form. Those habits are the actions that you take every day which will lead you closer to reaching your goals. Consistency is about showing up and just doing it over and over and over again. You're building better work habits, stronger relationships, and leadership skills when you practice consistency.

It all comes down to the effort that you put in on a daily basis without giving up that will help you move past those obstacles and attain success.

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