She Believed She Could, So She Did...

Updated: Jun 14

By Alina Fridman -

The first step to accomplishing any goal is to believe in yourself. The power of believing in yourself is a great force of inspiration to achieving your dream. But for many, fear holds them back. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Taylor Young, a young entrepreneur and owner of Ever After Bridal Boutique. Taylor's story is an inspiring one which proves that when you believe in yourself, fear doesn't hold you back.

LTTL: You’re a young entrepreneur under 25. What’s the secret to your success?

TY: I have learned that despite what everyone around you is saying, your age does not define you or limit you to pursuing your dreams. I have had the amazing support of my friends and family who have pushed and encouraged me all along the way. I think the secret to success is having faith and belief in yourself that achieving your dream is possible and having the people around believe the same of me.

LTTL: What was our inspiration for opening a bridal boutique?

TY: I have always had a passion for wedding dresses and making my brides look as beautiful as possible and feel special. I wanted to create a company where we value the experience more than just making a sale. I wanted to change the shopping experience and focus on making the memories of getting that dream dress and not just your average big corporate shopping trip.

LTTL: You took the big leap and chased your dream. Was it a smooth ride or were there a few bumps along the way?

TY: I don’t think any young entrepreneur will tell you that it was smooth ride! I do however believe that I have had it easier than most. If it wasn’t for my mom investing in my dream, I feel like it would’ve been much more difficult to achieve. Especially with how young I am, it’s difficult to find people who don’t know me that won’t make assumptions and take the risk of investing in a new company. I do believe that bumps in the road are healthy and somewhat necessary to have a successful business. If everything were easy, success could be taken for granted. Having those bumps helps keep me humble and thankful for the opportunity to live my dream.

LTTL: You were witness to and a survivor of the deadly Borderline Grill shooting in Thousand Oaks. A devastating tragedy like that can instill fear into us and hold us back. Tell us how you were able to move on from that tragedy.

TY: I’ll start off with saying that I hope that nobody else would have to experience anything like that event. I am thankful for my upbringing because it prepared me to respond calmly and help out who I could in the midst of a terrifying situation. Borderline was my safe place and home three nights a week for six years, so when someone takes that away from you, you can’t help but be angry, but as a Borderline family we have not let this tragedy break us. As one of the victims and friend Telemachus Orfanos (27 years old) would always say “We gotta live for the ones who can’t.” Therefore we continue to dance and support each other through both the good and bad days. It is something that you never completely move on from, but you get stronger as each day passes and learn to be thankful for every opportunity you get to make a difference.

LTTL: You’ve got big plans and we want to hear about it. (tell us about your event space launching soon)

TY: It is called Ever After Petite Venue and is located on the same property as our Bridal boutique. It will be a rental location where our guests can have parties, bridal/baby showers, or even small weddings! It can hold 80-100 people and will have picnic tables, a wall fountain, romantic lighting, and simple greenery to adapt to all decorations and themes. We will be more than happy to help plan your event for an additional charge but we welcome other planners and/or DIY! We want it to be as stress free as possible for our guests so we work around you and your vision!

LTTL: What can we see from Taylor Young in the future. What are your goals?

TY: The next part of the journey is a ways down the road but I have plans to expand outside of the retail world and open a wedding venue called Ever After Ranch. It will also be located in Moorpark and have 2 different venue options on one gorgeous property. I also hope to start my own line of Bridal gowns and couture special occasion gowns. Like I said though, that will be in the future, For right now, it’s just one foot in front of the other.

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