Sexy Is a State of Mind

Updated: Jun 14

By - Alina Fridman

As part of our ongoing series featuring women-owned small businesses, we would like to introduce you to Alyssa Crockett and Megan Bianchi, the two boss babes behind the Stay Sexy Brand. Stay Sexy empowers women to lead their best, sexiest lives with clean and beautifully packaged sexual health products.

Stay Sexy was created in 2018 by Alyssa Crockett and Megan Bianchi, friends and mothers who are passionate about sexuality, femininity, sexual health and empowering women to live their best lives by caring for their bodies, minds and spirits. Their combined experience in luxury retail, education and healthcare, and their desire to create beautiful, playful, and sex-positive products and experiences for women, uniquely positions them to lead Stay Sexy as a national lifestyle brand.

We had a quick Q&A session with the ladies and here's what we learned:

Let's get right to it. What inspired you to launch Stay Sexy?

It all started on a summer road trip to San Diego. We were probably on our second coffee driving through the desert having the conversation of, What business could we start? What would be fun to do together? How could we help people and make money? What do we love? How could we incorporate all the things we love like, makeup, health and wellness and sex into a business? That conversation grew into serious research of the huge market for health and wellness.

We found that a lot of women like us eat organic food, apply luxury products to our skin, take fitness classes and meditate, read books about how to be healthy inside and out. But our sexuality and sexual health is ignored. Being sexy is fun and our sexuality is an important part of who we are!

We believe every woman is sexy already, but the products we were seeing didn’t affirm or reflect that. Sexual health and wellness products in the United States are still predominantly marketed to men and don’t address women’s needs or a feminine aesthetic. We also saw there was room in the market for luxury sexual health and wellness products that are just as clean and healthy as those we put on any other part of our body, and are beautifully packaged so women can display them without shame in their bathroom next to their serums and lotions or on their nightstand.

We decided it was time to flip the taboo on women’s sexual health and empower women to own and celebrate their sexuality. That’s how Stay Sexy was born.

Launching a new company is exciting and can be challenging. What are the challenges that you have faced when launching your brand?

Our biggest challenge was, and still is, our inexperience. Neither of us had started a business, launched a brand, developed products, managed a supply chain, etc. We both have degrees in English Literature! We’ve made some costly mistakes along the way. Finding the right manufacturers, who were willing to take a chance on a new company with no credit and who were committed to the same level of quality was one of our biggest challenges. But now we have manufacturers and vendors who are more like partners.

In many ways our inexperience also has been an advantage because we’ve approached building the brand in a collaborative way that has given it real life. From the beginning we tapped into our friends in the creative community, women who are photographers, designers, musicians, to help create Stay Sexy’s look and voice. And in the process we discovered women really want to talk about sex and their sexual health, so we incorporated space for that in Stay Sexy too through our blog and social media.

It quickly became clear that Stay Sexy is for the modern, sophisticated and confident woman. A woman who is confident in her sexuality enjoys sex. She knows who she is. Some women we thought would embrace the brand didn’t, and that had its painful moments. But for every person who was uncomfortable with the brand and what it stands for, we’ve met a hundred women who absolutely love it. Through this journey we have met so many amazing and talented people who have been beyond generous with helping us start this business. Thanks to them we were really able to hone in on the identity of our brand and target customer.

You write on your website that Stay Sexy is not a whisper. It’s a rallying cry to love yourself. We love that your brand focuses on empowering women.

We are proud of the care we have put into building the Stay Sexy brand and creating every product, from ingredients and packaging choices to the message Stay Sexy sends to the world. As women it’s more important than ever to connect with our sexuality and embrace our feminine power. We can’t expect someone else to give us our sexual health; we have to give it to ourselves. Stay Sexy helps women express their sexual selves with confidence and gives women a community where femininity and sexuality is celebrated. We want to help women find freedom and pleasure in everything they do!

Let’s talk product. What can we find while shopping on your website?

Stay Sexy specializes in premium sexual health products, including latex condoms that we sell in packs of 10 and Lip Gloss, an all-natural, water-based personal lubricant that is vegan and chemical/paraben/glycerin free. We have a cool little Let’s Play Fun Kit -- two condoms and a travel-sized lube – that’s perfect to throw in your bag for a weekend away or around the corner hotel rendezvous.

We designed our condoms around how the modern, sophisticated woman lives. Women can put one in their purse and go. They look like a serum sample you’d get at Sephora and are fun to open. Our customers love the buttercup packaging. The condom is making a comeback! Unlike the pill it doesn’t mess with your hormones and it prevents diseases. We see it as the ultimate accessory.

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