Real Leading Ladies

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Introducing Our Panel of Real Leading Ladies featured at The Goal Digger’s Guide To Business and Beauty Conference

By Heidi Carreon -

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re an everyday Wonder Woman who wants all that life has to offer, and you’ve been working towards achieving your best life.

You’re turning your side hustle into your career. You’re maneuvering your way into the board room and on several committees. Your bathroom counter is full of products that are good for your skin, and your Pinterest boards feature of healthy recipes and workout ideas. You’re working towards a life where you’re not just living, but thriving.

This is why Ladies Take The Lead exists.

Every Wonder Woman needs reinforcements, and we’re a community of empowered, multi-generational women who believe in uplifting and celebrating other women. Don’t mistake us for a typical professional group. We’re not just here to discuss marketing strategy, we also want to discuss health and wellness strategy. We don’t just talk about supporting women-owned businesses, we produce exclusive events were you can shop and interact with the owners in real life. We’re here to support all backgrounds and all ages, because we believe that every woman brings something to the table.

Whether you’re looking for on-trend stories, resources and tips curated for you, or genuine connections at engaging, offline events, Ladies Take The Lead serves as a platform for passionate, driven women who thrive by coming together with like-minded women.

That’s why we’re thrilled to host The Goal Digger’s Guide To Business and Beauty on March 10 in Los Angeles. We want our community to come together, learn from real leading ladies, and leave inspired. Curious to learn what we have in store? You can access our full schedule through our event page.

In the meantime, we want to introduce you to some of the incredible women you’ll get to meet.

Jaimee Kort, Entertainer, DJ & Owner of Edge Entertainment

Our fabulous moderator for the day will be Jaimee Kort, Entertainer, DJ & Owner of Edge Entertainment, who recently sat down with us to share her incredible story about running a business with complex retrograde amnesia.

Fun Fact: Jaimee is a real life Disney princess. When not DJing, she is busy as a model for Disney artists, doing professional photoshoots, and meeting her online fans.   She is the epitome of what an internet celebrity should be: beautiful, down to earth, and crazy talented.

Her greatest talents, though, can be seen in the way people respond to her when she in on the mic as an MC host and behind the decks with a hot dance beat.   There is no doubt that a girl can really rock a party.

Shana Yao, Founder of Total Genius

What do you do?

I help purposeful entrepreneurs and brands - people who want to do good in the world and help others with their work - clarify their vision and transform it into a brand strategy that connects with their target audience and sells.

What is your biggest tip for women in business?

To understand what your unique value is (not just what you do in your business) but WHO

YOU ARE and WHY YOU EXIST - before you start your business. Many people don’t

understand that making money and having a brand that sells is NOT just about what you

do. Your skill/talent that is what people pay for is only part of the picture. People don’t buy

what you do - they buy WHY you are doing it. They buy your confidence, your style, the

way you see the world. That’s what positioning is.

It’s your conviction - the inner confidence you have and get when you know what you do in

your business. A well positioned business is based on the solid foundation of YOU.

Because of that, you know WHAT you do, WHO you do it for and HOW you do it. You don’t

need to do it to gain the approval of others. You KNOW it works because it’s based on YOU.

Believing in yourself is NOT a sales tactic. But in fact, nothing sells like conviction. As the

CEO of your personal brand, you set the tone for your ideal clients by positioning yourself

as you want to be seen in their eyes.

What is one mistake you learned from?

One? :) As an entrepreneur maybe the biggest thing we learn is that mistakes, failure, and

sometimes not feeling good about ourselves/comparing ourselves to others is normal. It’s a

part of being human - and as an entrepreneur having a business is the biggest self

development process you will ever go through. Constant introspection and realignment with

your values and mission is essential to getting back to business and learning from your

mistakes so you can get better - at being YOU!

Kayla Smith, Founder of Glossed Media

What do you do?

I am the style blogger + content creator behind, as well as the founder of Glossed Media, a creative management agency specializing in social media management and content strategy.

My blog ( and Instagram page (@glossedangeles) hosts information about the latest in style + beauty and I use this platform to highlight my favorite brands while offering tips to others.

Glossed Media ( / @glossed_media) was inspired by Glossed Angeles and allows me to offer my creative services to clients of all different industries!

What is something that will always be in fashion?

A pair of really great fitting black jeans. They're timeless and can be paired with so many different things to create a chic look.

What is one mistake you learned from?

I learned that there's no such thing as the "right" way to go about your career. I always considered myself a traditional person but once I moved to LA, a lot of the "rules" I ingrained in my own head went out the window when I realized I could create my own path and my own job that didn't even exist yet! I don't consider it a mistake because it got me to where I am today, but looking back, I was mistaken for thinking there was one specific path I was "supposed" to take when it came to my career in order to be successful.

Dr. Meg Haworth, PhD, Wellness Expert and Best-selling Author of Get Well Now

What do you do?

I help high achieving women abuse survivors with their histories and their health using food, environmental influences, and my emotional transformation release process that heals clients at the cellular level. I offer resources for healing on my podcast series on iTunes, in my best-selling book, Get Well Now, my cookbooks, on my blog, and in my private Facebook communities.

What is your biggest tip for businesswomen?

Keep in action building your empire every day even when it looks like no one is watching. The action will come with rewards and it will make you stronger, wiser, and smarter as a businesswoman.

What is one mistake you learned from?

It took me many years to niche down to a particular market because I did so many things and did not want to exclude anyone. People kept telling me to pick a niche. When I finally did, it made all the difference. The interviewers came calling and so did the clients. Perhaps the reason the nic

he does so well is it is all me - it's deeply personal. Being authentically me out in the public is what matters most. Trying to be all things wellness was a big mistake for me.

Tamar Hermes, Wealth Warrior at Tamar Hermes International

What do you do?

I am a Wealth Warrior! I help women entrepreneurs become masters over money so they make it, keep it, and love it. Through my Wealth Warrior Workshop, a nine week course, women breakthrough their money blocks and become educated about how money really works and can work for them.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love the difference I make in women’s lives. I see women earning more, taking charge over their money, and embracing the abundance they truly desire. I enjoy coaching women through their blocks and the "aha" and lightness they feel once they see where they have been stopped. I also love saving women thousands of dollars by learning about their finances and walking them through how they can save and spend in a way that leaves them with more in the bank.

What is your biggest tip for women in business?

Stay present to your "why." Why are you in your business and what is the value you offer others? All companies have their ups and downs, and your why is what is going to keep you pushing through in harder times. Those times are also where you are expanding and where you need to grow personally and in your business. Your why will keep you strong and support you to scale at every level. Your why will stretch you. You can see Simon Sinek's TED Talk on finding your why. It is an excellent exploration to reconnect with your business's mission.

Raquel Figlo, Media Expert at Raquel Figlo Public Relations

What do you do?

I am an unconventional publicist that delivers rockin' results through a combination of public relations, social media and event planning. I create legacies for music, entertainment and lifestyle brands.

What is one thing someone needs to know in order to break into your industry?

Get an education in PR first, get a degree. I believe in getting proper education, this isn't something you learn online. Go to class, go to school, meet other people that are trying to do the same thing as you and build alliances. Then, know your (niche) industry, know the key players in your industry and get to know them.

Who are the women that inspire you?

My mother first of all. She came to America from La Paz, Bolivia (where I was born) with $50 in her pocket. She built a life here, married and put me and my brother through college.

Another women who inspires me is Sharon Osbourne- she is so heavy metal and mainstream media. She has the best of both worlds. I feel I do too. I work in music and am also a publicist for lifestyle brands that include beauty and female entrepreneurs. She is married to the "Prince of Darkness" and she is on the "The Talk", that is life goals for me.

In today's age you can be whatever you want to be, as long as you are true to yourself and put 100% into it. Labels are a thing of the past in my opinion.

Megan R. Fenyoe, LCSW

What do you do?

I am a Veteran, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Professional Speaker, Host of The Blonde Bombshell Podcast and founder of the I Am Enough Movement.

I am an Amazon Best-Selling Author and recently published my book You Are Enough: 5 Steps To Move From Struggle To Strength. I have been featured on SiriusXM Radio including the Jenny McCarthy show, TV/Radio Shows, multiple podcasts, as well as various magazines.

Being a Mental Health Therapist for over 15 years as well as a Transformational Mindset Coach, I will transform your negative self-talk into positive self- empowerment believing you are ENOUGH! How do I do this? I take you through my proven 5 Step program that will move you from struggle to STRENGTH.

WHAT’S DIFFERENT: I have gone through many struggles throughout in my life most recently being involved in a narcissistic abusive marriage. For many years I was living a life without meaning and purpose. I have successfully transformed every area of my life using my proven 5 Step System and I am now living a vibrant, beautiful life. A life where I truly believe I am more than ENOUGH.

My passion and purpose in life is to share my story in hopes to support and encourage others to believe they are more than ENOUGH!

What is your biggest tip for businesswomen?

Maintain your confidence. You’ll hit a wall now and then. You’ll fall flat a time or two. You won’t meet your objectives as expected. Learn all you can from these missteps and maintain confidence in yourself and your skills. We often learn our best lessons from our worst mistakes. And just because you failed this time, it does NOT make you a failure. Confidence is essential in order for women to grow careers or businesses. Don’t let a setback derail your strategies and tactics.

Women in business may face outdated, old-time biases, but today, these biases are disappearing as more women take power in all areas of endeavor. It’s also true that businesswomen sometimes face the same uncertainty, self-doubt and second-guessing experienced by businessmen. It’s simply a part of career success and moving on to something bigger. Learn to ground your limiting self-beliefs and always believe you are ENOUGH!

What is one mistake you learned from?

Failing to Delegate. I always felt I needed to do everything for my business which lead me to work 16-18 hour days and left me feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. Profit most often comes from getting the job done. You don’t necessarily have to do the job yourself, but you have to work smart and delegate. Some women are not only afraid to delegate, they just don’t know how to ask other people for help. To make matters worse, they also do the work of others. One word of advice: stop.

You need to delegate or you will never expand your business. Identify who can do the job the best for you. Ask, don’t tell, people to do something. Be firm and develop a cooperative working effort. In this way, you not only better manage your work, you also empower the people who work for you so they can excel.

Mireille Keuroghlian, YouTube Strategist at BuzzFeed, Inc.

What do you do?

I manage the day-to-day upkeep of 4 BuzzFeed YouTube channels: BuzzFeedVideo (our flagship channel), BuzzFeed Unsolved Network (our channel for all things crime/mystery), BuzzFeed Multiplayer (our gaming channel), and BuzzFeed Celeb (our celebrity channel). Managing a YouTube channel ranges from helping choose titles/thumbnails, to helping producers with brainstorms and ideation, to letting them know what’s working, not only on our channels, but also on YouTube as a whole. It is being a constant liaison between the channels and our creators and being able to balance that role in addition to putting out fires that may arise at any given time.

Which social media channels do you recommend and why?

There is not a one-size fit all social media channel that I could recommend for anyone. It really depends on your brand and what resources you have at your disposal. For instance, YouTube, as a platform, requires the right equipment, the right resources and knowledge, and often has a higher barrier to entry than a more accessible social media channel like Instagram or Twitter. For a business just starting out with few resources, I would start with Instagram and Twitter, and then grow the brand from there. Once you build a loyal fan base on these platforms, you can reevaluate if it’s necessary to expand. If you choose to, that fan base will likely follow - helping you grow your presence on other platforms, like Facebook and YouTube.

What is one thing someone needs to know in order to become a Social Media Expert?

Being a Social Media Expert is not as much about what you need to know, it’s more about how much you understand the brand you are representing. Anyone can learn how to use the analytical tools, read the data, and to interpret the numbers – but without truly understanding the goal of your content, the audience you are trying to reach, and the outcome you want to achieve, there is no way to be successful.

Lisa Hyde, founder of The Confidence Crown

What do you do?

I’m a Podcast Host, Business Coach, Author and Skincare Guru. As the founder of The Confidence Crown, a lifestyle brand and weekly podcast, I help women everywhere to stop talking themselves out of their dreams.

The Confidence Crown gives me the opportunity to share not only my experiences to

successfully building a brand, overcoming adversity, and supporting other

entrepreneurs, but to go on an adventure of self-discovery and empowering women to

live a healthy, confident and self-sufficient life. I support women on a journey to

#MakeItReign, as told through real-life stories about how to live your truth, finding ways

to overcome loss, truly loving your skin and making your financial dreams come true.

What do love most about what you do?

Motivating, inspiring, and helping others find their path to living a happier, healthier, and

financially fulfilling life, because our confidence comes from many places, and

although there is more to all of us than our outer appearance, the way we feel is what

matters. Many of us battle our skin our whole lives and are held back by our

assumptions of what that picture of us paints to the world. I get it! I want you to love the

skin you’re in and feel that boost of confidence so you can shine through.

What’s the best piece of advice that you received when starting your career?

To always believe in yourself. Others around you might not understand the choices you make or the path you’ve taken, not because they don’t want to support you, but because your ability to stand apart and not be a follower, is their own fear talking! Find your squad of supportive, like-minded people and let the haters hate.

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