It's Time to Step Into Your Power

Updated: Nov 9

By Alina Fridman -

A common thread that I have been hearing from many guests on my podcast is that once they made the conscious decision to put themselves first, that is when they stepped into their power. ⁣

As women, many of us have this need to care for others. It's in our DNA. We forget to put ourselves first. The problem is that when we do this, we lose ourselves and the resources we have within to pursue great things and achieve success. It's not selfish at all to want to put yourself first. You're investing in yourself and that's just as important as investing in others, if not more. ⁣

When you put yourself first, it doesn't mean that you are putting others last. Putting yourself first will benefit others because you are bettering yourself. ⁣

How can you be on top of your game if you are overstressed and exhausted? You can't. Putting yourself first is good for your health and sanity. When you put yourself first, it builds confidence which will help open so many doors for you. ⁣

People will stop taking you for granted because when you put yourself first, you stop saying YES to things that you want to say NO to. You are setting up healthy boundaries.⁣

When you put yourself first, you are taking control of your own happiness. Stop making yourself miserable by trying to make others happy. Nobody can really create happiness for you and you can't create happiness for them. We are in charge of our own happiness. ⁣

When you put yourself first, you become your own hero and that's when you step into your power. ⁣

Do you take the time to put yourself first? What do you do to step into your power?⁣ I want to hear from you. Drop a comment. Let's start a conversation.

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