An Alternative Style to Floral Couture

By - Alina Fridman

Nadia Beck is the owner and lead designer of Rebel & Rogue Floral Couture, an alternative Los Angeles wedding and event florist servicing the Southern California region. Nadia specializes in a variety of unique wedding styles and themes, is always open to creating new designs and taking the road less traveled.

Planning an event can be a lot of work and your time is valuable. The floral design process can be confusing. You might not know where to start or you may know exactly what you want but need your vision to be understood and executed professionally. That’s where Nadia comes in!

There’s nothing better than a smooth and relaxing, stress free event. From your first phone call to the day of the event, Nadia is here to add a bit of floral magic to your special day by creating a personalized look with your special wedding or event in mind. She will guide you through the process and make the planning easier for you. Nadia creates a personal story by using her experience to translate ideas into beautiful designs that truly represents who you are as an individual. Flowers have the power to change the overall mood of any event to reflect the most important details. Nadia is all about the details. You want a fun and exceptional experience celebrating a time of joy! You want Nadia Beck and her team at Rebel and Rogue Floral Couture to create a floral wonderland for you.

We dove into a quick Q&A session with Nadia Beck to get to know a little more about her life as a creative entrepreneur.

Tell us all about how your entrepreneurial dream began.

I am a Los Angeles native, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. I am the literal definition of a “Valley Girl.” I attended California State University of Northridge to study theatre arts where I excelled in many forms of technical design including makeup, costuming and prop work. I spent three and a half years as an active member of the first queer, all-inclusive sorority Gamma Rho Lambda.

After receiving my BA, I was desperate for a job, preferably creative. It was by chance that I found a delivery position at a local flower shop not too far from my alma mater. It was never my intention to become a florist, except that one time I played Audrey in the high school production of “Little Shop of Horrors.” After a year of deliveries, I was promoted to designer and store manager.

After two years, I was given the opportunity to purchase the storefront and run the retail side of business. While at the shop, I gravitated towards creating beautiful, unique arrangements for larger styled weddings and events. Creating individualized designs and building lasting client relationships became one of the most joyful experiences that came with becoming a florist.

What did you do next as a first time entrepreneur?

Following my true passion, I decided to move into a studio space and put all my attention into creating floral designs for my clients’ weddings & events. Now it’s just me and my incredible hubby Garran creating beautiful floral designs for amazing clients just like you. We would love to bring your vision to life and create a unique event with you in mind. You deserve your magical moment and we want to be the ones to help make it happen!

What is your goal as an entrepreneur?

I want to feel accomplished in this lifetime and feel like I made a difference in people's lives. Rebel & Rogue Floral Couture works toward creating and maintaining a safe, inclusive, and equitable environment for ALL. Love does not discriminate, so neither will we! We stand with Love.

What habits do you practice that help make you success as an entrepreneur?

I always try to find new ways to evolve.

What type of mindset do you have?

Stubborn and willful.

How do you balance your entrepreneur life with your personal life?

I set up time that is meant for work versus what is meant for family/personal time. Time is irreplaceable..

What do you do for encouragement or to stay motivated?

I try to keep educating myself so I can learn how to do more with my trade.

What is the most difficult thing about building a brand from scratch?

Knowing what your brand represents and how you want to present it to the public.

How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

By making my brand more of a niche market for alternative couples and clients.

What was your biggest mistake as an entrepreneur?

Jumping into business without doing too much research.

What did you learn fro your mistake?

I learned to do as much research as possible and not to be too trusting. I also learned to follow my gut instincts.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Take a business and marketing course.

What advice would you give someone else who is looking to start their own business?

Dream. Do your research. Do the math. Take a leap of faith.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

I see myself working in a comfy studio of my own doing fun weddings & events every other weekend.

Nadia Beck is available to beautify your wedding or event with her gorgeous couture floral designs. To get in touch with Nadia, visit her website:

You can also follow her and see her gorgeous designs on Instagram

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