A Queen In The Kitchen

Updated: Jun 14

By - Alina Fridman

As part of our ongoing series featuring women-owned small businesses, we would like to introduce you to Alessandra Gambini. “Ale” is an LA-based Italian chef, food writer, cookbook author, Italian food advocate and ambassador in the US and cooking instructor. She also hosts her own cooking web series and is the owner of a gourmet cannoli catering station, Q Cannoli, servicing both social and corporate events.

Photo courtesy @honeywestphoto

We had a Q & A session with Ale about her brand.

Q Cannoli Stations offers freshly filled mouthwatering Sicilian-style cannolis with a twist. We're curious, what's the twist?

Top quality ingredients, exclusive setting, gourmet food products all inspired by the extraordinary italian cuisine.

What inspired you to launch Q Cannoli?

The uniqueness of my Cannoli station and my cooking style in general. I think the event business market is saturated by the same food products (candies, cupcakes...) time for something delicious and new.

What steps did you take the start your business? Did you have investors? Did you start it all on your own?

I started on my own, with my knowledge and expertise, but at one point, in order to grow big, we all need investors.

What is the best and worst decision you've ever made about your business?

Best decision having a food business because I love to cook and share all my passion for good food. Many bad decisions but not bad enough to lower my morale.

Describe a major business or other challenge you had and how you resolved it.

In a world so competitive, making myself shine and being recognized for my talent. Being myself helps me to be unique and appreciated.

What’s the most important business or other discovery you’ve made in the past year?

Social media marketing, numbers make a huge difference in business.

Have you always had a passion for food? Any other passions?

I wanted to be a musician and I did it for over a decade before my second career.

What woman inspires you and why?

My grandmother Nonna Fernanda. It’s because of her that I’m in food business now.

To get in touch with the Queen in the Kitchen, here are the details:

Website: www.aqueeninthekitchen.com

Instagram: @q_cannoli and @alegambinidt

Facebook: www.facebook.com/aqueeninthekitchen

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