Ladies Take the Lead Media is pleased to present our Spring 2021 Summit created to motivate and inspire you to live your life to the fullest in mind, body, and spirit.


This three-day virtual program taking place on May 21st, 22nd, and 23rd will include over 15 phenomenal speakers, all experts in their fields sharing their knowledge with you.


The program will consist of a series of 45-minute sessions, one presented by each participating speaker. Attendees will get to watch demonstrations, workshops & discussions. There will also be an opportunity to ask the speakers questions and there may even be some great offers to be had for attendees!


Attendees will watch and engage during the live broadcast. Access to video from this event will be available for replay to all registered virtual attendees and available anytime during the two-week re-watch from May 24th through June 7th.

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The mind is a powerful tool that will lead you to success. We're focusing on the business mindset. Our featured speakers will share their expertise with you and give you tips on how to help your business grow.



When you look good, you feel good and your confidence level explodes! Our experts will help you boost that confidence by sharing information, tips, and tricks to help you look good and feel good.



Your soul is the power and core of who you are. Our experts are here to help you feed your soul and let your spirit soar.



SheMoolah is redefining the relationship between money and the women who make it while simultaneously removing the taboo that women have to do it alone and money is daunting. 


Legally Protecting Your Business

with Kelli jones, ESQ.

Business and Trademark lawyer, Kelli Jones will cover the important steps in making sure the legal side of your business is taken care of like choosing an entity and identifying what you need to do first based on what type of business you have. Then we will dive into the types of contracts you may need and when it might be the right time to trademark your business.


How To Reinvent Yourself With Joyce Johnson 

In this segment, 7X Author, Sales Champion, Mentor, and Founder of Why Sales Network, Joyce Johnson will teach you How to Reinvent Yourself. Leveraging over 20 years of experience as a Business Consultant and Sales Champion, Joyce Johnson will open your eyes to a new perspective on how to dominate and shift the trajectory of your career. 


Goal-Setting Simplified

To get what you want, you need to know what you want. And then you can make a plan to achieve it! In this session, Debra Eckerling, author of "Your Goal Guide" and founder of The D*E*B Method, will take you through her brainstorming and task-based system of goal-setting simplified. DEB stands for Determine Your Mission, Explore Your Options, Brainstorm Your Path. Debra is all about helping others set themselves up for success. When you lay the foundation for your goals, anything is possible.  


Defining Your Unique Message - Tips & Tools For Increasing Visibility With PR & Podcast Interviews

We all have a message or story that is unique to us and it is this story that can help you increase your visibility. PR and podcast interviews are a great way to expand your reach but can seem daunting and overwhelming.  Michelle has worked with clients in a variety of fields to help them define their message in a way that not only makes them stand out, but also land interviews. You'll discover the importance of knowing your expertise and best practices on how to pitch yourself to the media and podcasts. 


Look Good! Feel Good! Makeup with MELANIE MILLS

Emmy Award-Winning celebrity makeup artist Melanie Mills & founder of Melanie Mills Hollywood shares quick makeup tips and tricks that will instantly magnify your beautiful self to help you feel confident and fabulous! 


Salon Hair Color for Home use with Karen anne jacks

Inspired by the “at-home hair color” market being underserved, Karen Anne wanted to bring the salon customization and experience to the home hair color market. Launched in 2017, Della Ricca is disrupting the hair color industry. Consulting with customers nationally online, she is now partnering with salons across the U.S., helping Hair Heroes capture 100% of the hair color market. 


Karen Anne will share with you the inspiration behind her new home hair color venture and how she is including Hair Stylists. She will demonstrate how to apply color at home and steps to:

1) Cover your resistant gray 2) Tone down fading ends. 3) How to prevent damage.



Is your style truly representing who you are now and where you are going next? Your personal style is a reflection of your unique personality and profession and how you want to be seen.  And what makes you unique, makes you memorable. 

As the “creative director for your image,” Tania Sterl, founder of Sterl on Style, will show you how to rethink your style in tune with your lifestyle, personal desires, and professional goals, embrace the changes, dress to express yourself and be seen as the “leading lady” of your life that you truly are. 



Lisa Herrington, Co-Founder and Owner of FIT House Davis in Northern California, will teach you how exercise of all sorts plays a significant role in physical and emotional health and how selfless (not selfish) self-care is. We will discuss ways to create "fitness toolboxes" which will include exercises, journal prompts, on-the-go equipment suggestions, and simple workout ideas you can do anywhere, dressed in any way. Many self-care routines are compromised by challenges brought on by life such as the global pandemic; join me for 45 minutes of positive coaching to refocus on your physical and emotional health. 


plant grow eat

Join Whitney Wade in her garden as she shows you how to grow your own organic food. Homegrown food not only tastes better, but it can also improve your health, save you money, reduce environmental impact and get you to go outside to exercise and absorb some of that healthy Vitamin D. 


Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to Develop Their Intuition

You may be thinking you’re already intuitive and use it all the time. It makes no sense to develop it. Or you may be thinking you don’t really trust the intuitive guidance that you do receive. Perhaps you know little about intuition and how it can help you excel and succeed in your career and life.

If you are an entrepreneur, you must make multiple decisions throughout the day that could make or break your business. In most cases, you’re working alone or with a few contract workers that help you with specific tasks as needed. Either way, you’re the leader of your business. This means you are on your own to make decisions and must learn to become self-reliant. If you’re making choices solely with logic, you can become drained and exhausted from over thinking. If you’re highly empathetic and sensitive in addition, this is a recipe for burnout.

You have access to an inner business partner that can help you enjoy greater levels of success, less worry, and more energy to carry out your mission. This partner is called your intuition.

In this powerful presentation from Dr. Meg Haworth, you will learn:

  • How and why intuitive development can save you years of struggling in your business.

  • How undeveloped intuition can drain your empathy, make you sick, and keep you stuck.

  • Why you’re feeling burned out, alone, and exhausted in your business (especially if you serve and help others.)

  • Why your body is critical in understanding and developing your intuitive abilities.

  • Learn basic exercises to begin developing your intuition now.

Intuition is an ability we all have. It is a skill that anyone can develop and hone to create the life you, as an entrepreneur, have always dreamed of. Your greatest untapped resource exists within you. Learn how to remove blocks and connect with most powerful business growth tool you’ve got, your intuition.


Creating Partnership and Intimacy in All Areas of Your Life

Most of us are not taught how to truly relate and connect with each other at a deep and meaningful level. This affects our personal lives, our professional lives, and our relationship with ourselves. In this segment, Matthew Solomon will teach you how to quickly and easily create safety, connection, and partnership in any area of your life so that you may experience truly feeling seen, heard, and valued.


Self-Care, A Radical Act With Alex Williams 

What if you let go of what you “should” do and acted purely out of self-care? Join Alex Williams, the first and only Black woman owner of a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Clinic in the US, Holistic Hyperbarics, for a talk on how self-care is a conduit for community care.


Fortified Feminity with Kristie Kennedy

Emotional Resilience thought leader specializing in image confidence for enterprising fempreneurs, Kristie Kennedy, will share specific confidence keys to succeed in the face of adversity and vacillating emotions. She challenges women to embrace themselves completely because being happy takes audacity and authenticity. You can rise as high as you are willing to allow your courage to escort you. 


Build Your Self-Confidence By Failing with

Amanda Stark

Former Attorney turned Certified Life Coach, Amanda Stark, helps women find their inner sparkle so they can stop feeling stuck in their careers and relationships and start living the life they deserve.


The best way to build your self-confidence is to get comfortable failing. In this segment, Amanda Stark will teach you the difference between confidence and self-confidence. She'll also give you a three-step process for growing yours.  


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