with Alina Fridman

You want your brand to stand out, be memorable, evoke an emotion, offer an unforgettable experience. It's all in the details. And the details are the elements of an effective brand.


My name is Alina Fridman. I am the founder and executive producer here at Ladies Take the Lead Media. I am also a creative entrepreneur that has built image positive brands within niche markets. A detail-oriented designer, producer, and storyteller, I use a creative approach to visual marketing. My focus is to help you develop your brand's image and messaging that will define your mission, vision, and goals in an eye-catching and compelling way.  I will work closely with you to help design a creative brand strategy that will help you tell your story and amplify your brand's voice by providing you with valuable advice, tutorials, and resources that will maximize your brand's exposure.  

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Every brand needs a unique and memorable identity. Building a unique brand with a one-size-fits-all approach is counterproductive. I will help you define your brand's identity by helping you craft a creative story that is cohesive with your mission, values, and message. The goal is to engage your audience with who you are in a meaningful and impactful way. We will cover all of the major steps to building an unforgettable brand.


  • Brand Discovery

  • Competitor Research

  • Target Audience

  • Brand Voice

  • Brand Message & Story


  • Brand Design

  • Logo

  • Website

  • Colors & Fonts

  • Content


  • Social Media Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Creation

  • Paid Advertising


Visual content is a crucial element in digital marketing. When it comes to content creation, creating unique, high-quality, and authentic visual content that is entertaining, informative, and useful is what will get you noticed. Quality visuals add value to your product or service, makes a BIG impact, and encourage engagement. By helping you understand the design concept with tutorials and learning tools that will help you design your own visuals, you will be able to create eye-catching content.

  • How To Use Fonts Effectively

  • Color Theory - The Psychology of Color in Marketing

  • Learn How to Use Design Tools

  • How To Create Buzzworthy Instagram & Facebook Posts

  • How to Create Eye-Catching Instagram & Facebook Stories

  • How To Create Covers for Social Media

  • How to Brand Your Images

  • Tips & Tricks to Help You Stand Out


Getting featured in the media, or being a speaker at an event helps raise your profile and build your brand. You instantly become an authority. The secret to self-promotion is knowing how to get featured in all the right places and make a big impact too. I will guide you through the process of creating the perfect pitch to land a feature in a magazine, a guest spot on a podcast, or a speaking engagement. We will work on your media kit, copy, and talk strategy.

  • Create a Branded Media Kit

  • Create a One-Sheet

  • Identifying Media Outlets

  • Cultivating Relationships

  • Writing Pitches

work with Alina

1:1 Strategy Sessions

Creative Consulting is perfect for small service and product-based businesses that are looking to take a hands on approach to learn how to creatively market their business and get an outside perspective on the way that you present your brand. You will learn new skills that will help establish, guide, and grow your brand. 


Alina works with  start-ups that need direction and want creative ideas and established brands that are looking to refresh, rebrand or create more brand awareness for their business.


  1. The Initial get-to-know-you phone call. This is where we discuss your business, goals, and history.

  2. Creation of a custom outline of your mentoring program, tailored to your specific needs

  3. A shared Google Drive that we use together to share files, notes, and tutorials throughout the program

  4. Weekly Zoom Sessions lasting 60-minutes over the course of one, three, or six months depending upon your needs

  5. Email access between sessions for questions and follow-ups

How it works:
Once you purchase your consulting sessions you will be emailed a questionnaire where you share details about your creative marketing needs and address any specific questions and topics you would like to cover. Please complete this questionnaire prior to our first phone call. 
Prior to our first call, I'll review your answers and look through your website as well as your social media sites. If you don’t have a website yet or social media sites, that is not an issue. You will be provided with a link to set-up a virtual call.  On the day and designated time of our call, we will talk through the topics you want to cover and answer any questions you have.

After our initial virtual call, you will receive a custom outline discussing your marketing strategy and the next steps you should take to creating your cohesive stand-out brand.

The next sessions will include tutorials that I will personally walk you through. All tutorials are customized to your particular needs. You will learn and work off of programs and apps that will help build and create brand awareness. The first appointment will be set at the time of purchase. We will schedule the following sessions during our first telephone call.