As a contributor, our platform helps amplify your voice by giving you an additional outlet to feature your stories, gain exposure, and grow your audience. Have a blog and want your articles to reach more followers? Don't have a blog but want your voice heard to promote yourself as an influencer and grow your brand? You’re in the right place. Here are a few things to consider in order to become a contributor:

  • We are looking for creative and unique voices that speak to women and tell quality stories. The greatest value you can bring in writing an article for Ladies Take the Lead Media is to share your own personal experiences. We are looking for stories that inspire, educate, and entertain our audience.  We are interested in creative, insightful articles that show you as an authority on the topic you are writing about.

  • Your article must be inspiring to our audience, educational, or actionable. Readers must either finish your article and feel inspired, or be provided with the tools necessary to achieve said action. 

  • We only accept articles from people, not on behalf of businesses. Articles should not be written with the intent to promote your business.  

  • Although we do permit re-published articles, these articles must only appear on your blog and ours. You will not be permitted to re-publish the article on any other site except yours and ours. 

  • Spelling and grammar should be excellent and triple checked prior to submitting your article.  If articles are not submitted with proper formatting, they will not be accepted. 

  • Ladies Take the Lead reserves the right to publish, edit and reproduce your articles in any format as we see fit (always attributed to you), as well as produce derivative works (not necessarily attributed to you).

In exchange for your contribution, we will publish your article on our blog, include it in our newsletter and promote it on our social media sites. Each article will have a small bio about you, the author, and a link to your website. 

Article Style Guide

Please adhere to the following editorial guidelines when writing and editing your article:

  • Please send your article as a zip file to include the article as a DOC File, a short bio, a link to your website and/or social media, and accompanying images for the article. Please note that all images submitted must be authorized by the owner to be used on our site. We reserve the right to use our own images with your article if we see fit.  

  • Articles should be well written, concise, and have a clear message. We are looking for articles to be a minimum of 500 words and a maximum of 2500 words. 

  • Please use American English spelling (unless otherwise instructed).

  • The headline should be highly engaging, “click-worthy” and no longer than 50 characters.

  • Keep your articles simple yet engaging. Write using short words, short sentences, and short paragraphs. 

  • Your writing style should be direct, yet conversational and personable.

  • Links should be set to open in new tabs.

  • Please do not use ALL CAPS, bold, italics (with noted exceptions), or underlining (except with links).

  • Please carefully check your piece for any errors in punctuation, grammar, and/or spelling before submitting it.


It is important that you adhere to the above guidelines. If you do not, we are likely to reject your article.

To send your article, please email us here:  SUBMIT ARTICLE

Along with your zip file, please include:

  • You Name

  • Website

  • Social Media Handle

  • The message you would like to convey to our audience

  • The Article Topic

If we choose to publish your article, we will contact you within 10 days. 

Thank You!