Yaja's Jewelry Diaries



I made my first sale at 9 years old. I sold fruit from our tree to people waiting for the bus in front of our house. I loved connecting with people and selling product then as much as I do now. I was always a social butterfly, a multi-tasker, and very independent. When I grew up, I went to college, got a 9 to 5 job, and a side hustle in direct sales. My goal was to cover the bills and have enough money left over to splurge on my FASHION NEEDS.

I was very happy thinking life could not get better than this, but God had another plan for me. He sent prince charming my way. We fell in love, got married and I became the wife and mommy he wanted me to be. Marriage and kids were always on my list, just not the way I had planned for it. I began feeling sad and lonely. Memories from my past life surged and I fell apart inside. It eventually showed on the outside.
My mental state had shattered my life, and with that my family's. I was anti-social, severely depressed, not functioning, nor wanting to move-on. I began seeking help.

I slowly began to recover with the help of God and my family. I also realized I wanted to do something for ME! I joined Park Lane Jewelry and it has helped me with my sanity. My direct sales biz has given me much more than Jewelry, it has given me great friends and an opportunity to be me again.

I am happy and proud of the company I represent and the person it has made me, I am stronger than ever.