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Welcome to Carousel Moms - Business and Relationships Coaching

Daphne Soares is the Founder of Carousel Moms. She believes that being a mom is one of the most important roles out there. As a mom, it does not mean that you must give up everything and be confined to the house, cooking, cleaning, teaching, and looking after the kids only.

Daphne is a mother of two. She has gone from a career woman with a 9 - 5 job to a homemaker, a coordinator, a master catechist, volunteer, and counsellor. She is a certified master catechist, family, trauma, and teens Counsellor, a Business and Relationships coach and a member of the ICG. She has vast knowledge and experience. While juggling her own business - Carousel Moms, she continues her ongoing counselling and coaching education.

She helps moms find the right balance in their own carousels of life, create a thriving business without feeling overwhelmed. Set SMART goals and build great rapport with their teams and clients for business success.

Build lasting relationships with their partner so that they can better understand each other, support, trust, communicate and live a happy life together. Giving their children a safe and happy home filled with love and trust. She believes having a good relationship, healthy mindset, overcoming limiting beliefs and setting boundaries helps you be more productive, happy, and successful as a mompreneur.

Daphne says:
"The Power is within you! Break FREE from what is holding you back".